Aging is natural | Rapid Aging is Not

Aging is natural | Rapid Aging is Not

Rapid-Aging is the process by which your skin ages faster than it normally should under perfect conditions. By which I mean a bubble. If you are one of the many people who do not live in a sterile environment while also enjoy the finer things in life then you might know that these lifestyle choices can take a toll. Both on your skin and body. While some may consider rapid-aging a sign of rapid-maturity, some might call it a lack of health. Below are a couple of vices or excess habits that we enjoy which are part of our lifestyle.


Stress: Cortisol Production 

A major causes of rapid-aging and adult acne, stress induces chemical reactions that lead to more reactive and sensitive skin; cortisol and other hormones released in the body affect skin-healing mechanisms, making it even harder to repair dry or aging skin.

How does it affect your skin?

Biochemical reactions in your body (Adrenal Cortex and Medulla) release hormones that negatively impact the skin in multiple ways

The prevalence of acne increases with oilier skin from stress

Decreases collagen synthesis, leading to stress lines

Constricts blood vessels and induces inflammation

Reduces cellular regeneration by blocking pathways

            The Counter

            Under stress, the cortisol hormone is released and affects the body and skin. GOA's proprietary organic ingredients combat the appearance of damage and reduce the effects of aging caused by stress as Anti-Vice ingredients control the skin’s defenses, leading to effective protection of the skin under major cortisol release.

            Alcohol: Collagen Degeneration and Lower Immunity

            Enjoying one custom-made cocktail or a glass of wine can ease built-up tension during a busy day. It can also cause dramatic changes in the skin, especially when drinking alcohol consistently.

            How does it affect your skin?

            Oil production increases, causing blemishes and blackheads.

            Dryer Skin.

            Less elasticity in the epidermal layer, causing wrinkles.

            Vasodilation in capillaries creates a reddish color on the skin.

            Degeneration of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer causes the epidermal layer (1-3) to crease, aging your skin.

              The Counter

              Dark Phyto-Matter releases a concentrated amount of antioxidants and other active ingredients, targeting the negative effects of alcohol consumption specific to the biology of men's skin. Best men's skincare product: Collagen+Control Face Serum

              Sun exposure: UV Radiation

              Sunlight overexposure is a leading cause of premature skin aging and can inflict significant damage. High levels of UVA/UVB rays cause facial skin to experience rapid degradation of collagen filaments, dryness, irritation, redness and even cellular DNA alteration. GOA's proprietary formulations of active antioxidants and organic extracts strengthen the skin's natural barriers that inhibit UVA/ UVB rays.

              How does it affect your skin?

              Skin inflammation and redness (burn) from UVA/UVB rays

              Rapid collagen degradation (deep wrinkles) from UVA/UVB rays

              Possible complications and alterations in cellular DNA


                The Counter

                The skin changes under prolonged UVA/UVB exposure. GOA's organic active ingredients and nutrients combat sun damage, vitamin depletion, and accelerated aging from sunlight.

                Fatigue: Lack of Sleep

                During deep sleep, we produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which helps the development and regeneration of the skin. When we go through a lack of sleep, we lose our body’s natural balance and cannot regenerate the skin as effectively. 

                How does it affect your skin?

                The body cannot detox correctly and can increase acne development

                Facial inflammation increase as the body cannot remove fluids correctly

                The pH balance on the skin is disturbed and so acne or redness occurs

                The body is stressed and so the is a higher rate of collagen degradation leading to rapid aging

                  The Counter

                  If you can’t participate in the obvious (getting more sleep), high antioxidant solutions can eliminate most of the overabundance of free radical toxins in your skin that have accumulated from the aforementioned effects of not getting any sleep. Quick recovery and nutritive formulations can replace depleted nutrients and assist your facial skin to regain its former glory.

                  GOA smoke

                  Hydrocarbon exposure: Smoke and Pollution

                  From cigars to pollution, the toxins from smoke can replace oxygen and suffocate your skin; prolonged exposure without treatment can change your skin-tone, produce visual aging problems, and lead to extreme dryness. Even in small doses smoke can have negative effects on skin appearance.

                  How does it affect your skin?

                  Carbon dioxide replaces the oxygen in the skin resulting in dry, reddish skin tones and depletes essential nutrients

                  Limits blood flow to the upper layer of skin causing wrinkles

                  Enzymes from smoke block elastin and collagen regenerating pathways

                  Increases prevalence of acne

                    The Counter

                    GOA Skincare uses a reverse research process to find direct pathways related to the exposure of toxins in smoke and pollution. These pathways can be controlled by specific ingredients like Dark Phyto-Matter and other organic compounds used in each of GOA's proprietary formulations.

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