5 Basic Rules for Perfect Skin

5 Basic Rules for Perfect Skin

There are so many things to do to keep your skin looking your best. And if you're just starting up it's tough to keep track of every step. In the years of working in skincare, traveling, and using so many tactics to get the skin I've always wanted, I've learned 5 basic rules.

1. Never touch your face

When I worked, I would always lean on my head or touch my forehead to massage it during a finance call (wonderful Monday mornings). The unsurmountable amount of bacteria living on your fingertips, palms, etc. would love a new home on your face. This invites clogged pores, acne... just don't do it. I had to really focus on this but got it down after a couple of months.

2. Always cleanse. At least before going to bed

Even if you don't touch your face, you've got the internal and external environment to fight off in your skin (stress, pollution, oxidation, etc). Cleansing before going to bed battles all the bs your skin has to go through during the day - and at night is when your skin regenerates. Be a buddy, help your skin out.
Here's a top Purifying Cleanser to get the job done: 

3. Sleep on your back

1000 count, anti-microbial, Egyptian silk pillows? I don't have that either. For sleeping on your face introduces some serious issues. For one, your jaw bone and spine can get strained from the months or years of sleeping on one side - But that's not why we are here. While constantly sleeping on your face, bacteria and/or mites can introduce red spots and irritation or acne while the threads on your pillow case can fold your skin into wrinkles. Give your neck and back a vacation while saving your skin.

4. Use a Power Serum and Moisturizer

You've got something you need to take care of on your face? Use a specific tool to battle it out. Power serums are solutions to target issues like wrinkles, dark circles, spots, etc. On average they absorb deeper into the skin to iron out problems.

Moisturize your skin. It's simple. You need to do it. If not, it flakes and many issues arise. Here are GOA's top power serum and moisturizer to help with that:

5. Limit your sun and greasy food intake

I know this one is tough - so only "limit", I guess. Nothing I can really say here. I've managed to avoid it as much as I can but I'm a triathlete so I apply a kilo of sunscreen before heading out. The sun is, hands down, the worst for your skin. It's radiation (most damaging: UV-B). This leads your skin to age faster.

Deep fried donuts? I'll take 2, please. I'm pro-fried food but I just don't do it - foods fried in oil at high temperatures release free radicals that can cause cellular damage to the skin. This ages the skin as well. Sorry.

There you have it! Follow these 5 basic rules, along with your dedicated skincare system (we've got one for you below if you don't have one), and find your skin easier to take care of while looking in tip-top shape.

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