About the Founder

Mexican-born Canadian Rodrigo Diaz, studied biochemistry at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario while pursuing his addiction to triathlon. As a world class athlete, he traveled the world which later led him to Italy. His love for design became apparent when enrolling to Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Diaz later worked with major brands like Max Mara, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Christian Dior which lead him to move to India and lead Dior’s design team and production. Diaz was then intrigued by India’s traditional skincare rituals and holism which led him into the world of skincare and create GOA Skincare, anti-vice skin solutions.  

 "Traveling from country to country, I listened to my friends and colleagues about personal issues with drinking, smoking, lack of sleep etc., not only impacting their health but the way they see themselves in the mirror. There is a change in their skin, which disrupts their lifestyle (not to mention morning meetings). Why change what they love most? And why disrupt what makes them successful? The vices are a part of everyone as everyone has at least one. GOA Skincare was created to let men understand the vices while not facing the physical repercussions. This understanding is important as with understanding follows moderation. And moderation is the key to a successful lifestyle. If I could sum up GOA Skincare I would say that it is a tool to promote a man’s ability to become his ultimate self."

- Rodrigo Diaz, Founder & Creative Director