Formulated by GOA Skincare, Dark Phyto Matter™ is a compound of retinoids and bio-active matter which provide high, functional preparation and delivery for other active ingredients in each formulation. 


Dark Phyto Matter™ begins by effectively removing dead skin cells to provide a more efficient and sterile environment readily absorbing through the skin. A clear pathway for retinoids begins to pull larger molecules and extracts from the formulation into lower layers of the skin ultimately making it to where collagen is synthesized. This allows for greater absorption of larger actives through thicker skin found in men. 

The absorption is improved by heat as it is created by the high antioxidative contact with the skin dragging higher concentrations of material into the lower layers making it quicker and easier for the rest of the formula (peptides and bio-actives) to produce results. This absorption takes about 5 seconds and is applied in serum or liquid form. Dark Phyto Matter™ is encased in hyaluronic acid which allows it to be preserved for months on end when stored correctly.