Top 7 Men’s Summer Hairstyles 2024

Top 7 Men’s Summer Hairstyles 2024

This summer, it's all about striking the perfect balance between looking like you care and looking like you don’t try too hard. Here’s your foolproof guide to the top hair trends that’ll keep you looking cool, even when the temperature hits the roof.


1. The Modern Buzz Cut

  • What It Is: The quintessential ‘I woke up like this’ style—short, even, and unfussy.
  • How to Get It Done: Tell your barber to keep it short and sweet with a uniform clipper setting.
  • Origins: Military—because nothing screams 'discipline' like hair that’s barely there.
  • Care Tips: Embrace simplicity. A wash, a quick towel dry, and you’re battle-ready. Slap on some SPF if you venture into the daylight; sunburn on your scalp is a definite style don’t.

2. Textured Pompadour

  • What It Is: Because volume on top never really went out of style, did it?
  • How to Get It Done: Ask for length on top, short on the sides, and don’t skimp on the mousse.
  • Origins: Inspired by a woman (Madame de Pompadour) but embraced by men like Elvis who knew a thing or two about commanding attention.
  • Care Tips: Condition, condition, condition. And maybe talk to it nicely; it’s essentially the peacock of hair styles.

3. Curly Top with Faded Sides

  • What It Is: Let the curls fly free with a tight fade that means business.
  • How to Get It Done: Define the top, demolish the sides. Precision is key.
  • Origins: A stylish nod to urban cool with a practical twist.
  • Care Tips: Curls need love too. Invest in a good curl cream, and they’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

4. Asymmetrical Undercut

  • What It Is: Business on one side, party on the other.
  • How to Get It Done: Keep one side longer, and take the clippers to the other. Yes, it’s supposed to look that edgy.
  • Origins: Punk rock met high fashion and they had a wonderful baby.
  • Care Tips: Style with a gel that means business—none of that flaky nonsense.

5. The Slicked-Back Look

  • What It Is: Slick enough to slide right into any high-stakes deal.
  • How to Get It Done: Pomade or gel, comb, and a serious face.
  • Origins: The go-to look for anyone from 1920s gangsters to modern-day CEOs.
  • Care Tips: Keep the grease in check with a clarifying shampoo now and then.

6. Braids with Fades

  • What It Is: Braids so neat they look like artwork. Yes, men can rock them too.
  • How to Get It Done: Find someone who knows their way around braids. Sit back and let the magic happen.
  • Origins: Historically, braiding is a practice that spans various cultures across the globe. It is most prominently associated with African cultures, but perfect for anyone looking to add some structured flair.
  • Care Tips: Moisturize the scalp and keep those braids tidy. It’s not just hair, it’s architecture.

7. The Casual Tousled Style

  • What It Is: “I just rolled out of bed and look fantastic.”
  • How to Get It Done: Some light product, a dash of hand-styling, and a good hair day attitude.
  • Origins: Surf culture’s gift to mainstream lazy days.
  • Care Tips: Too much shampoo is your enemy. Let the natural oils do their thing.

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