Exercise Impacting Men's Mental Health

Exercise Impacting Men's Mental Health

Engineered to hunt, spark curiosity and create, men are meant to reap the great outdoors and provide sustenance for their community. Yet, most have now entered into issues of the mind which hinder productive thinking while crouching over laptop screens. How to retaliate? Effective to improve men's mental health and stability, consistent exercise has a significant impact on issues such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD, while also relieving stress, improving memory, relieving insomnia, and fuels a positive mood. While not having to be a gym-rat, moderate hours of exercise per week produce incredible results without any limits of age or environment. 

Exercise benefits Impacting Mental Health

Motivation through well-being is key to this extraordinary cycle. The hardest part is to bite the bullet and jump into a workout routine. In the end, the effects increase energy during the day, sleep better at night, increase sharp memory, and feel more relaxed and positive about oneself and their lifestyle. There are many benefits that can produce a positive impact on mental health and understanding these benefits should be part of the motivation to make it into a workout.


Many studies have shown that exercise can treat mild to moderate depression and maintaining a routine can prevent relapses. It promotes positive activity patterns which promote feelings of relaxation and well-being, neuronal growth and reduced inflammation. Endorphins and also released during a workout. These are powerful chemicals that energize the body and promote positive sentiments while also focusing on the workout and not the daily stresses.


As an effective anti-anxiety treatment, both tension and stress can be eliminated while boosting physical and mental energy. Again, endorphins play an important role in enhancing well-being. It is a matter of focus and concentration which allows the body and mind to condition faster and break out of the constant problems running through your head.


Notice the changes in the body and mind when going through stress. Muscles tense up and the brain begins to develop headaches. Insomnia kicks in, stomach aches, heartburn and other physical discomforts that can lead to even more stress. It is a long way down into the vicious cycle. BREAK IT. Set the path right and focus on what is important. YOU. Exercise shatters tension and releases negative energy through muscles without channelling it through the mind.

What to remember: The body is linked to the mind. Use exercise to release the tension. 


If there is anything to take out of this, it is the 3 M’s that hold the secret to a greater mental and physical health. The mind; a concentration or focus on the task at hand, a clear connection to the body which can be used to release negative energy. Motivation; an external force which is acting internally to move the mind and accomplish an objective. Mood; ultimately changing the way the mind works and boosts motivation while providing a positive environment for oneself and those around them.

After the first day of a workoutthe new addiction begins of well-being. Welcome to your new vice. Check out how our Anti-Vice Skin Solutions present a new way to look and feel good, without letting go of your lifestyle. 

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