Hyper Conditioning Beard Oil

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  • Hyper Conditioning Beard Oil

Hyper Conditioning Beard Oil

$38.00 USD
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50 ml / 1.7 oz.
A premium blend of organic oils like rosehip, argan and hazelnut oil are formulated with powerful extracts the algae and Japanese Green Tea provide a well-balanced smoothness. Both the skin and facial hair are protected from dryness and cracking/split ends.
Scent: Very light earthy and musky notes
For Facial Hair: 
  • Restores and strengthens damaged hair
  • Eliminates Itchy skin
  • Hydration of the skin and hair with no residue or oily feel
  • Blemish control - skin
  • Protects hair and skin from UV radiation
  • Increased conditioning oil adding anti-aging properties
  • Absorption time: 4 minutes.
For Shaving:
For a smoother shave use the Hyper-Conditioning Beard Oil to soften thick hair and reduces ingrown hairs significantly while eliminating razor burn. 
  • Allows for rapid skin damage repair from Razor blade(s).
  • Reduces ingrown hairs.
  • Smoother glide
  • Dry and Wet shave
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Storage: For best results, store at room temperature. Keep out of sunlight.

Best used: After a shower or steam room and after properly cleansing the facial area using the Regenerative Face Cleanser. Can be used during the day if the beard is dry.

Directions: Press the pump once and apply the oil on the palm of one hand. If the pump does not work, there is a small hole at the bottom of the airless tube. Use a pin to press and pump at the same time. On a dry beard, spread the oil on the other hand and massage into the beard in the opposite direction of the hair. Comb-in to spread the oil and then shape beard in the desired volume or form.

*Argan Oil, Algae Extract, Japanese Green Tea, Hazelnut Oil, *Sunflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, *Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin B5, *Castor Seed Oil, *Rosehip Seed Oil, *Rosemary Extract, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Leaf Extract, Shea Butter, *Patchouli Essential Oil;
* Organic

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