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Dark Circle Plan

Dark Circle Plan

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2 Products | 3 Month Use | Limited Edition Gift CasesDark circle and stress-line treatment under and around the eyes.
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What's Included

  • Anti-Fatigue Face Mask
  • Anti-Fatigue Undereye Serum
  • 2 Samples
  • Black linen travel bag
  • Limited Edition Gift Cases
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Reduces dark circles

Builds collagen

Reduces inflammation & puffiness

Reduces crows feet & fatigue lines

What does it do?

This 2-piece set is an advanced anti wrinkle and dark circle recovery regimen for the contour of the eyes. It combines proprietary ingredients, research, lifestyle data, and organic formulas to restore skin affected by thinning skin and lifestyle habits such as stress and fatigue.

The Dark Circle Undereye Set provides 2 of GOA's innovative ingredients, Dark Phyto Matter and Dark Phyto Protein, clinically proven peptides, plant-based stem cells, and organic compounds to efficiently reduce dark circles and wrinkles around and under the eye.

Clear-out blackheads and lighten the appearance of dark circles and dark spots with the Anti-Fatigue Face Mask, reduce tired eyes while supporting further dark circle reduction and wrinkles with the Undereye Anti-Fatigue Serum

How to Use

Step 1. Learn more about the Dark Circle Set and our quality standards by unrolling each of the products' outer packaging

Step 2. Preparation | For max results, use the Purifying Face Cleanser before using the Dark Circle Set

Step 3. Application 1 | Apply just enough mask to cover the undereye areas and leave for 5-7 minutes. With warm water, gently wipe off the excess mask and pat dry

Step 4. Application 2 | Using the undereye serum, with 1/2 pump, dab the undereye and the corner of the eye



Our proprietary ingredient, proven to reduce the look of fatigued skin, acne, and speed the delivery of antioxidants to the skin. Contains retinol and salicylic acid


A protein complex to shield the skin’s framework while boosting collagen synthesis and regulate melanin


Protects and preserves skin stem cells by boosting the ability of the skin to fight against rapid aging


Helps build dermal density, increase skin brightness, provide defenses from environmental hazards


See each individual product for full ingredient list