Your Skin When you Travel

Your Skin When you Travel

You may be jetting off for a meeting or vacation, but your skin is in for a serious lack of love. Between dreary driness of flights and anxiety-induced breakouts, traveling can be turmoil for your face. Check out these skin saboteurs and how to battle them out.

Who Done it: Flying

Wondering why you board the plane looking healthy and deplane looking/feeling under-par? The air on a plane is incredibly dehydrating, says Rodrigo Diaz, Founder of GOA Skincare, “I usually carry around a small mist bottle of water to slightly dampen your face so you can apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer”. Rodrigo suggests doing this once before, and after your flight to help lock in moisture.

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Who Done it: Bacteria

We can all agree that airports, trains, and rest stops aren’t exactly the most sanitary places. If you’re not careful, that bacteria can spread to your face, causing breakouts and irritation, says Rodrigo. His suggestion: Carry around a purifying face wash. “You can use them during the flight to cleanse your face,” says Rodrigo.  “And, you know, stop touching your face so much.”

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Whether you’re actually traveling through time zones or you’re just skimping on sleep during your trip, it can have a huge impact on your skin. Not only does it add to dehydration, but lack of sleep can also cause the blood vessels around your eyes to dilate more, giving you that swollen dark undereye circles. Obviously, the first step is to get more shuteye. But Rodrigo also suggests using a cold mud mask containing anti-inflammatories.

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Travel Stress

Your skin is linked with your nervous system, which explains why rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and acne all get worse with stress. Since you can’t rule out tension completely, try short meditation techniques while flying.


Even if you aren’t jetting off in hopes of a sunny vacation, you need to pack a daily sunscreen. You’re still getting sun exposure even when it’s overcast, says Rodrigo, especially if you’re outdoors, swimming. Don’t forget an SPF over 30.

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