Why Launch a Recovery Face Scrub?

Why Launch a Recovery Face Scrub?

Why has GOA Skincare Formulated a Recovery Scrub? We ask Rodrigo Diaz, CEO and creative director. 

The Sent: My morning usually starts off by making cinnamon roast coffee and drinking a glass of lemon water. I love the scent of something fresh, but earthy when I start my day. So, naturally, I wanted to set the experience of a fresh start in the morning. Eucalyptus and coffee bean essential oil made sense together as they are complimentary notes. 

Inside the Bottle:

Activated Charcoal: I knew I wanted coconut shell, activated charcoal in the scrub. When I lived in India, I used to use this on all my personal care products; from hair to even brushing my teeth. It has a plethora of benefits, but mainly, it detoxifies impurities deep within the skin as oxygen is pumped into the charcoal when heated to high temperatures - thus, becoming activated. This makes the charcoal extremely porous and absorbent, pulling out impurities. Plus, it gives the scrub a sleek shade of natural black.

Coffee Essential Oil: Other than smelling like a fresh shot of espresso and tricking your mind to get your ass in work mode, it is the main fuel for the skin. Coffee oil is packed with caffeine and fatty acids that help build collagen & elastin that has been degraded when fatigued or has undergone stress.

Hydrogenated Jojoba Esthers (Beads):  The U.S has banned the use of synthetic beads which clog up rivers and lakes, killing off wildlife. Rightfully so. I needed something not too harsh and not too wimpy, so these botanical beads which degrade over time were the perfect match for the scrub. 

Glycolic Acid Base: It's an incredible micro exfoliant while smoothing out the skin. I needed something powerful which would help out men from late night excursions and for early morning meetings. Since the scrub is used three times a week (more on weekend mornings) this ingredient won't irritate the skin.

Why a 'Recovery' Scrub?

It's an Anti-Vice Face Scrub, which means it is a tool to regain, replenish, and enhance the skin from the effects of fatigue, stress and debaucherous evenings. We face a ton of hurdles during the day which affects the way we look and our general health. What I wanted from the scrub was a multi-use, highly effective solution to damaged skin. Not to prevent or maintain (which most other scrubs do) but to actually recover it from years of mistreatment. 

When to Use the Scrub

The recovery scrub is not a cleanser. Although it does have detoxifying properties, it won't substitute our Purifying Face Cleanser which should be used before the scrub. Cleansing is important beforehand as you need to eliminate bacteria and dirt that is on your skin. Otherwise, you run the risk of exfoliating dead skin cells and exposing younger skin to that bacteria and dirt. 

Any Fun Facts about the Scrub?

It's made with organic raw materials under sterile conditions in our lab with no added water, which is crazy when I chat with other companies as they put in 70-90% water. Not so fun, but worth noting. 

Where Do I Find This Scrub

You can check out the Facial Fuel Recovery Scrub here. 

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