Vitamin B5 Derivative. Why is it so good?

Vitamin B5 Derivative. Why is it so good?

We took a hard look at our hair oil and asked how we can get it to do more, to make it better. Not that it's predecessor wasn't any good, it's only that GOA Skincare is always looking to push forward and upgrade formulations as we get more data. We wanted to focus on the health of hair and the skin underneath which tends to be neglected. Add in sun exposure, too much shampoo or chemical treatments, and even stress, and the hair begins to thin and degrade while the skin flakes underneath. 

For Skin
So now we need a hero ingredient that is stable in an oil-based formula. While vitamin B5 is not soluble in oil, D-Panthenyl Triacetate is. It's soothing and has anti-irritating properties on the skin. It efficiently stimulates the cell proliferation of wound healing and contributes to major biological processes in skin metabolism. This basically means that it upkeeps the skin's moisture barrier to get the skin looking super smooth and healthy.

Other Benefits for Skin:

  • Eliminates dry skin without any oily feel
  • Reduces the look of fine scars
  • Reanimates dull or tired skin
  • Reduces irritation

For Hair
More sun means more fun - especially this summer. But lets at least get your hair in check from thinning or damaged hair fibers that lead to hair breaking. D-Panthenyl Triacetate, along with all of the other boosted ingredients, can increase the diameter of each individual hair fiber while increasing the tensile strength. This creates a healthier, fuller, and smoother look to the hair and beard.

Other Benefits for Hair:

  • Energizes dull hair
  • Reduces damage from chemical treatments
  • Increases suppleness/pliability 
  • Heightened ability to withstand environmental damage


We would like you to join us for the launching of the new Hyper Conditioning Hair Oil, June 15th, as we'll be having an event to celebrate. Be on the lookout for our pre-sales campaign very soon.

Stay healthy, stay safe.
Rodrigo Diaz

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