8 Habits to Improve Your Skin

8 Habits to Improve Your Skin

Most men believe that the key to banishing the aging signs is to treat only fine lines and wrinkles. Although true, these age-related imperfections make up just a fraction of unwanted skin features associated with a hectic lifestyle. It is imperative to understand some of the other key features of aging - or rapid-aging per se, in order for you to be truly able to battle them out. Such men’s aging characteristics include; facial sagging, tired-looking eyes, general skin dullness, sun-damaged skin, and harder to remove acneTo truly eliminate these rapid-aging characteristics we have to first understand what we do during our busy days and nights so that you can optimize your routine when adding GOA’s anti-vice skin solutions. 

In this men’s skincare guide, I would like to walk you through, step by step, what it takes to uphold a great anti-vice routine. A good anti-vice skincare program requires more than just the adoption of a good series of products. It revolves around your daily, hectic lifestyle. Generally, your skin actually reacts more to what you do and what you eat. Like the acne you woke up with? Yeah - it is not random. So, here are a few steps to optimize your daily habits. 

Stress Management

Be sure to get some ‘me time’. Whether it is watching your favorite show, reading a book, or hanging out at a lounge bar. Whatever it is, you need to learn how to unwind and your skin will thank you very much for it. Stress is actually associated with all kinds of rapid-aging signs like wrinkles, redness, acne, over-oil production and a lower immunity towards infections. I’m not saying to download any meditation apps - But managing your day to day stress levels is one of the most important things you can do to optimize productivity and overall health. Here is a full write up on how stress impacts your skin: Here

Wash Your Hands regularly and do not touch your face

I don’t want to make you feel paranoid - but touching your face without washing your hands regularly can lead to serious bacterial infections, not only on your face but around your eyes as well. Shaking hands, bars, handrails, scooters, car rides, metros, even your own doorknob contains countless amounts of bacteria. The skin is a protective barrier to keep bacteria out, but small openings and cuts in your skin can invite bacteria from your hands to cause acne or bacterial infections like styes for example. Learn more about GOA's Purifying Face Cleanser

Avoiding Sun Beds

I don’t want to have to list the detrimental effects of sunbeds and tanning salons on your skin. It’s just important to note that they are plain and simply not good for you. Use a moisturizing tanning lotion if you must - just check the ingredient list for any hazardous compounds like mineral oil, Amyl acetate, Octyl stearate, and artificial fragrances or colors. Premature aging, skin damage, pigment eruption, and cancer all far outweigh the benefits of looking good during those bleak winter months.

Drinking 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

Drinking eight glasses of water is a big ask, I know. I advise to start off slowly and get yourself in the frame of mind for it. Take a large bottle with you to work as well. Water makes your skin look more fresh and hydrated ultimately resulting in a more refined and toned complexion. Water also helps your skin naturally dispense of dirt and toxins, also crucial for an anti-vice lifestyle.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep Per Night

I don’t even do this; the human body needs this amount of sleep for long term optimal functionality. If it doesn’t, stress and fatigue levels will rise. Under these conditions, the first thing to peace-out is your skin. Eye bags, dark circles, and dull skin will pop-in during crunch time at the office. So, enjoy your sleep when you can learn how to switch off and really rest your mind and body so your skin can remain fresh and healthy

Exercising Regularly

You cannot ignore the importance of exercise when it comes to looking younger. Other than dramatically reducing stress levels, improving your well-being and promoting a more positive frame of mind - Regular exercise improves skin functionality, water dispersion and becomes more vibrant. As a result, your skin looks fresher, evenly toned and refined. Here is more on how exercise impacts your skin and health.

Avoiding Fatty and Greasy Foods

Other than not being good for your health, fatty and greasy foods play absolute havoc with your skin. It affects your skin’s natural oil barrier and ultimately its balance, as well as placing it under intense pressure to remain supple and smooth. After all, what goes in has to come out, and in the case of greasy food, your skin is one of the things that will inevitably fail, should this be a regular occurrence. Learn more on how to reduce oily skin with GOA's Collagen+Control Facial Serum

Eating Lots of Vegetables

Vegetables are great at promoting younger-looking skin for men - They are charged with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which improves your skin’s capability to perform and look younger and fresher. Such antioxidants ensure that your skin is greater protected against the inbound of harmful toxins and in the long run, remove some of the key signs of Rapid- Aging. 

The guide is not too crazy to follow - as I’m also trying to keep a few of them in my daily routine. But this will definitely give you an advantage when it comes to fending off some of those aforementioned rapid-aging characteristics and help optimize your anti-vice routine.

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