It’s true; your view of skincare today and the importance of keeping the skin healthy was and still is determined by the social construct of how you grew up and what your environment is like now. If good skin was what you were blessed with and what you do in life is not very thrilling (keeping a steady sleeping regiment, not drinking, smoking, zero stress and no fatigue) then maybe only moisturizing and sunblock is right for you.

For those killing it at work, playing a little harder than the average man while watching the sun rise, then a healthy skin regiment must be drawn out so that the skin does not shrivel the chances of generating a respected appearance and maximizing success.

For reasons men need better skin solutions than women are pretty straight forward.

  1. Thicker skin. Larger Pores

Testosterone is the reason for thicker skin in men; about 25% thicker than women on average. This varies with ethnicity, age and lifestyle. Pores size is also larger.

Issue: As men grow older, the skin thins out more and susceptible to damages from the environment and excess habits like alcohol or stress.

Answer: Use serums and highly absorbent extracts in skin solutions which contain the desired extracts.


  1. Collagen Density

Men have a higher collagen density than women; this is the ratio of collagen to the thickness of the skin. When considering intrinsic (genetic) aging of the skin, it has been said that women are about 15 years older than men of the same age. Of course, the role of daylight exposure in skin aging, combined with the fact that men do not use sunscreen as often as women, may account for why it is not noticeable. Also, 1% of collagen is lost a year after the 30th birthday in both men and women.

Problem: Extrinsic aging from UV radiation can add years to a man’s skin and negate the benefit of slower intrinsic aging.

Answer: Collagen boosting products which contain sun protective mechanisms to control aging and limit the effects of a good tan.


  1. Texture and Oil Production

The skin is rougher, and the Stratum Corneum (topical layer) is thicker. There is also a difference in the composition of sebum (oil) and its production. After puberty, sebum production is greater in men than women, which is attributed to androgen (like testosterone) secretions and accounts for why men have longer lasting acne. The cells in a man’s sebaceous glands have more positive receptors for androgens, which explains why they produce more oil.

Problem: The more oil, the higher probability of acne and other bacteria. Mix in the occasional drinking fest and greasy foods = The next acne spell.

Answer: Boost up on anti-oxidants like vitamin C in serums which contain little to no oil.

  1. Hydration and pH Level

Puberty also stimulates the appearance of facial hair in men and gives rise to more sweat production. Males have more Lactic Acid in their sweat, which accounts for a lower pH (.05 lower) than women. Men also sweat 2X more than women which is stimulated by an increase in body temperature which is why men’s skin is better hydrated than women’s skin. This is perfect as men do not use moisturizing products as much as women.

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