Men's Grooming Tips: The Undereye

Men's Grooming Tips: The Undereye
It is without a doubt the least part of the face that men pay attention to and the area which contributes the most to aging signs. Sag lines, crows feet, dark under eye circles, and redness which can make or break the deal at the meeting or chat up whatever you can find at the bar. 

Reading through the jargon of men's tips and grooming routines from 'scientists' who work for major beauty companies such as Kiehl's or Baxter of California, I found that there was little no actual scientific education behind the methods and information on why the products matter. Why? They work for huge margins, 600-1200%!. What is also mind-blowing is that most of the companies use 70-90% water in their product lines. Check the first ingredient on the label. Does it say water (aqua)? You must use water in some extractions but not to formulate the entire product. 

A man's skin is 25% thicker, oilier (for most), slight pH level difference and smaller pore size in comparison to women. Therefore higher concentrations of actives and more complex 'science' is needed to achieve a powerful undereye cream, gel or serum depending on ethnicity, environment, and lifestyle. To find the best undereye solution, find a company that does not work with water and follow the guide below:

Undereye Cream

Usually, oil based to eliminate dry, brittle skin around the eye. Good for colder, dryer weather with a lot of sun. SPF within the cream would be ideal 

Undereye Gel

More complex molecules and good delivery systems can be found to pull in extracts and nutrients through the skin. Gels are good for higher concentrations of AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids - smooth out rough skin), and tripeptides 3, 5 and 7 which ultimately denature wrinkles. 

Undereye Serum

High impact and great for thicker and oilier skin. A warmer and humid environment is best as the absorption rate is quicker. A cream can follow to moisturize as serums usually tend to only include actives which work to denature wrinkles and not hold moisture. Hyaluronic acid serums are the exception. View GOA Skincare's example of a gel based undereye which eliminate aging signs caused by excess habits such as drinking, smoking, sun exposure and fatigue. 

Ingredients to look for:

Dark Phyto-Matter

Retinol at 1-2%


Glycolic Acid

Vitamin C

Hyaluronic Acid


No Water


Reasons Why you Have Crows Feet (Ca-Caw):


1. You sleep like as if you've face-planted your face into a pillow, creating sleep marks around your eye. Solution: Buy a silk pillowcase (Yes, thread count matters).

2.  You're squinting why too much. Either in the sun or because you need glasses. 

3. Computer freeze. Staring at a screen or anything for a long period of time, tires the eyes and increases undereye circles. Solution: A break every 45min will do the trick.

A given lifestyle is important to finding how and why undereye issues arise. The best way to resolve these problems is to contact our clientele care email at and speak with our skin solutions professional.

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