How do our screens damage the skin?

How do our screens damage the skin?

(Going to cut to the chase here without an intro on how we are spending more time during the quarantine on our screens) The biological effects of exposure to short-wavelength in blue light are now a growing concern as recent studies show that even short exposures can increase oxidative damage in human skin. And even so, the long term effects of blue light exposure are not fully known - but there are reports indicating that even selfie flashes and frequent exposure may cause accelerated skin aging. Here, we take a walk through what actually happens to the skin when exposed to excess zooming meetings or bingeing Money Heist.

Some key damages associated with Blue-Light exposure:

  • Dark spots
  • Sagging skin
  • Fine lines (wrinkles)
  • DNA damage
  • Collagen degeneration

The skin is a major target of oxidative stress which causes all of the above to increase. And as we age the skin becomes hit harder while decreasing the ability to repair its own DNA. This is proven to play a central role in rapid aging (accelerated aging in the skin). NYC dermatologist, Francesca Fusco says that blue-light damage is thought to be correlated with rapid aging, particularly fine lines, wrinkles and sometimes skin discoloration - and while there are measures to keep the rate of blue-light damage at bay (lowering screen light or adding blue-light screens), the goal is to understand which ingredients in men’s skincare can reduce these damages. 

Vitamin C & Antioxidants 

 As we’ve learned in our previous Gazette posts, antioxidants such as vitamin C have shown to greatly reduce the risk of oxidation in the skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant having the ability to donate a hydrogen atom and form a relatively stable ascorbyl-free radical. Vitamin E, vitamin C, and β-carotene are known as antioxidant vitamins that are suggested to decrease oxidative damage and lower the risk of certain chronic diseases and blue light associated damages. More detailed reading on Vitamin C 

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For more reading on the subject and you have a subscription to the Telegraph, check out “Selfie can age the skin and cause wrinkles” that was published by Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, on June 17, 2016.
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