You just got off work and had a good workout. One of your friends just sent you a message basically forcing you to follow him down a rabbit's hole at one of your city's fine venues. 

5 hours later...

Your eyes open slowly as the phone buzzes fanatically across the room. Sheets fly off and just the thought of sitting upright sends horrors down your spine. The first 5 minutes are troublesome but you'll get through it. How can you boost up your energy in less than 10 minutes?

Here are 4 steps to power through a groggy morning and charismatically waltz into the boardroom. 

1. Immunity Shots

Shots of juice. No, not that kind of juice; the kind coming from a plant that one raises their eyebrows to when seeing it on a plate. The fact is, these can potentially save your skin (literally) and your internal system when in dire need of enzymes, vitamins or minerals that are drained when partaking in a little too much social activity. They come in small shots with a specific effect. Ginger and Vitamin C should do the trick.

Immunity shot seen above: Juice Shop


2. Homemade Jump starter Coffee

Just when you thought you couldn't get anything more from a cup of coffee some genius in California introduces an evolutionary step up. All it takes is a teaspoon of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) like caprylic acid, a bullet blender, a tablespoon of high-grade butter and your favorite light roast blend. After one mug, swinging on the chandelier sounds like a good idea. 

Found in coconut oil, caprylic acid is shortly converted into ATP in your body which provides energy for your brain. Unfortunately, only 6% of caprylic acid is found in coconut oil, so you might have to order it online. Seen above: Brain Octane


3. Workout

No, really. If you can't make it to the gym then 20-30 push-ups next to your bed will surely get your endorphins kickstarted and circulation increased especially when stretching. I was going to say "YOGA" but you're on a time constraint.


4. Anti-Vice Skin Solution

Feeling good does not make the people in the boardroom more comfortable when presenting the quarterly figures. Match how you feel by introducing Men's Health Magazine's Award winning anti-vice face set. Formulated to restructure tired skin and protect against forthcoming age lines, this powerful set produces younger skin cells faster, dramatically changing fatigued skin into looking like it just came back from a sabbatical to the Amalfi coast.

Seen Above: Anti-Vice Face Set

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