Creating Results, Style and Success for Extraordinary Men

Creating Results, Style and Success for Extraordinary Men

When hearing about style, one often does not think about skincare. Especially when it comes to Men's Skincare. The dreary brands and lifestyle behind them (or lack thereof) offer everything but appealing visuals, anti-aging results and a product to change one's lifestyle. Clearly, for GOA Skincare, scaling through the plethora of larger brands and their unattractive words of wisdom, we'll show up to a debate any time of day. 

A few weeks ago, our team attended the Men's Health Grooming Awards, where GOA Skincare's Collagen+Control Facial Serum, was awarded the best anti-aging product of 2016. Immediately distracted by the Owners and Sales Directors of larger brands who obviously pay for advertising in the magazine and therefore have won an award; Questions galore! After two scotch glasses, I introduced myself to each one.

"What is so special about your brand? " I asked each and every time. Do you know what the response was? 

Brand representative: " Men need our brand/products so they can look their best"

Me: "Is that it?"

Brand rep: "Well, err, no, many other reasons"

Me: " Please continue, I have a few more sips of scotch in my glass"

Is this my competition? Yes, it is my friends. It will be a long road and few barriers to knock down but seeing as the battle is won with substance and results, I do think I will be around for a longer while.


The power of engagement while introducing a clear rugged elegance in style, function (results) and a reason to hack one's lifestyle to find what makes a man who he is during his daily life. This would not be possible without the always pleasurable excess habits that we so endear. 


The good and the bad. The Yin and the Yang. The balance of a system and hacking what makes a man a man. Excess habit can be anything from extra hours of sun to finally closing your eyes at 7 am. Accepting the damages and age lines is one thing but doing something about it is another. Eliminating these after-effects is our reason-to-be and the reason why we are winning awards. 


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