A Man's Guide to Retinol

A Man's Guide to Retinol
Perhaps you've heard of this ingredient that we like to call a power active. It is so impressive, we decided to create a proprietary blend of active ingredients and highlight retinol as a focal point (Dark Phyto Matter).
As an important anti-stress ingredient, retinol is used as a powerful active for acne, psoriasis as well as other skin diseases. Furthermore, it helps your skin cells recover from stress as it contains antioxidative properties. It's one of the best anti-stress lines ingredient as it tells your skin how to repair itself by creating newer, healthier skin cells.
How does Retinol Do It?
As explained above, retinol contains high antioxidative properties that fight off free radicals and aid in the production of collagen (the skin’s support foundation) by slowing down its degradation. In doing so, the skin begins to gain its elasticity - which we lose as we age.
What are the different kinds of Retinol?
Retinyl palmitate -  Least potent over the counter (OTC) retinoid. For sensitive or excessively dry skin with minimal stress lines.
Retinaldehyde -  This is an OTC retinoid that’s slightly more potent than retinyl palmitate.
Retinol -  This is the strongest ingredient found in OTC retinoid products. 2% found in Dark Phyto Matter
Tretinoin (Retin-A) - Strong retinoid. In most prescriptions and only prescribed.
Tazarotene - Strongest Retinoid. Prescription-only.
Things to Know About Retinol
  • Don't use a scrub with retinol as an ingredient. Retinol is absorbed through the skin while it also exfoliates. Using AHA's or physical exfoliator may be too much and cause irritation
  • Never use any products with peroxide in the same routine. This would oxidize retinol and may cause irritation.
  • Start with less, then increase. Always know your skin's limits as it takes some time to adjust to new, active ingredients
  • Use sunscreen when going out. Or use retinol at night. The sunlight may deactivate retinol.
Test Out the Retinol Product Before Buying
If you take one thing from this skincare jargon on retinol - Test out the retinol product on a small area under your eye with a sample size. If there is little to no irritation in 6 hours, you’re ready to go. The skin around the eye is the most sensitive, so, naturally, use a small (like really small) area and see if it affects it in any way. Try out GOA's top products with retinol.
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