5 Things You Need to Know About Skincare

5 Things You Need to Know About Skincare

Skincare is probably one of the craziest industries to be part of - and launching a brand is a hardship that takes years of research and development (well, for some lol). Regulations are dingy, testing is crucial, and branding is key to connect with your members. From what I’ve learned, there are many things I want to relay to my members. With a degree in biochemistry and design, I’ve built a very good system to understand and learn more about dermatological systems and more so, about manufacturing skincare. And so, here are the 5 things that are good to know about what you put on your skin. 

1. Water in Skincare

So why is water listed as the main ingredient in all of my skincare products? 

I didn’t really start using any skincare products until I was in my 30’s - I saw some age lines and that was it for me. There goes my drinking money. Lol.

I began to research more on each ingredient and what made sense on my skin. Looking at each ingredient I noticed that water (aqua) was on top of the ingredient list. When I reached out to brands and manufacturers, I was quite surprised to find out that the formulas were around 70% water as it does blend each ingredient well and contributes to a very low manufacturing cost.

It was very odd to me as I was dishing out $50-$100 each product while even finding out that water evaporates quickly and removes natural oils from your skin causing it to be dryer. Not to mention you need to apply more product to see any benefits. Overall, finding products with no added water on the label is the best solution.

Learn more about how GOA’s water-free solutions can be part of your lifestyle.

2. Products Lose Effectiveness the More it is Exposed to Air. Reason: Oxidation

Referring to serums and more liquidus skincare products, each solution has the chance to diminish its potency or even convert into something else. Oxidation is the process by which an atom loses an electron and the ingredient goes rancid. This lowers its effectiveness and increases the chance of irritating the skin. So look for a serum or oil stabilized within an airless pump container so that each application is as potent as the one before. 

3. Correct Dosing

Skincare is like corrective food for your skin and like food, different quantities mean different outcomes. Remember Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, you didn’t feel good after that half turkey. 

More so, correct dosing for your skin means higher effectiveness, no irritation, and less product waste. Check the back of your product to correctly dose-out each application. 

Check out GOA’s correct dosing systems.

4. Fragrance Use: Irritation Town

Many people still find it hard to believe that fragrance presents a problem on the skin, as the way fragrances work is by emitting through a volatile reaction. This reaction is what causes the skin to become much more sensitive - especially with redness-prone skin types. Even though the issue does not present itself in the first months, it can cause long term issues. Try finding products that are fragrance-free or that contain organic essential oils in low concentrations. View GOA’s fragrance-free solutions and how they can release the skin from irritation.

5. Cleanse before Using Any Product

So many people have asked me what product is imperative to complete a top skin routine. Although each product is meant for a specific result, what really increases effectiveness is using a cleanser before applying any routine. Excess dirt builds up as the hours pass on the surface of the skin blocking follicles, trapping sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells. Cleansing not only dissolves and clears out dirt and toxins on the surface of the skin but using a cleanser with added proteins, can reduce stressed and fatigued skin from oil and dirt build-up.

Learn more about GOA’s Purifying Face Cleanser and how it can be part of your routine.

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