The Skin and Its Hangover

The Skin and Its Hangover

Good job in making through the weekend (unless you enjoy the fruits of Sunday Funday). You should be proud. Now enjoy some Old Fashions and kick back to some reading or prep for some evening scandals. Whatever you have your heart set on if you want to look top notch for a Monday morning meeting; why not know what your skin goes through at night and recover quickly.

Below are some questions people ask about their skin:

1. How can I look fresh in the morning after drinking the night before?

Alcohol is the cause of most issues on the skin although relaxing none the less. Yet, it dehydrates your skin leaving it dry due to sugars pulling water from it. This can sometimes leave wider pores as well. Try rehydrating the skin with a botanical hyaluronic acid and reduce pore size with an astringent such as retinol, witch hazel, or botanical stem cells. 

2. I look and feel super tired even if I didn't go out the night before.  

Looking fatigue and being fatigued can be two separate beasts. Usually, it takes 15 min to seem like you can face the morning. and takes even longer to feel like you can sprint to work. Drinking lemon/lime water, exercise and a cold shower can decrease the time in both instances.  This decreases the time that it takes for your body to begin to feel fully awake. Lime water boosts energy, a few reps of sit-ups or push-ups gets the blood going and a cold shower excites the skin to feel energized. 

3. I get oily skin and not feeling super energetic during the weekends. 

One explanation could be your diet and the sugars ingested before the weekend. Who doesn't like a little gummy bear now and then? Corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup are the ingredients responsible for you crashing after an energy spell.

Beverly Hills Nutritionist, Amy Piacentino says "they are more rapidly absorbed into your blood stream and fructose goes right to the liver too fast and triggers lipogenesis, the production of fats like triglycerides and cholesterol," she says. Her clients also saw a decrease in oily skin and pore size when she took them off corn syrup. Well, that settles it. 

The point is to stay hydrated and keep the routine going. Falling off the bandwagon will really make you look like you've fallen off a bandwagon. So falling is not an option. Here are few products that can help you through the mornings. 


 Undereye Boost | Anti-Fatigue Serum

It does what is says, and then some. De-puffing, anti-wrinkle and adds nutrients to replenish those lost in the battle.


Collagen+Control | Face Serum

Men's Health Magazine's most wanted face serum. Takes care of depleted vitamins and restores the skin to it's natural, healthy look. 

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