Skin and Vice: The Drink


To GOA Skincare Inc., the vices range from anything that is used in moderation or excess, consistently. Whether it is bathing in sun over a prolonged period or drinking a few more ounces of cognac while having a cigar. These vices keep the successful individual at mental, homeostasis which provides a release from the stresses of daily life. The vices culminate to build on a lifestyle in which they can comfortably manage stress.

Alcohol, by far, would be the weapon of choice at any event, lounge spot by the pool or game night. What effect does this have on the people around you? The skin is the first impression maker, the chance to be trustworthy and approachable. But what immediate effects can the drink have on the skin and what chronic issues can arise from having your favorite Vodka or Gin martini? Below we will look at and understand the effects and immediate actions that can be taken.

Immediate effects

Vitamin A Depletion: alcohol can affect your nutrition levels right away by causing depletion in nutrients carrying oxygen in the blood. More specifically Vitamin A which is an important antioxidant for your system and regenerates new skin cells. It is also a very important component in the production of collagen and can lose elasticity which leaves the skin supple and young.

Counter: Carrying a nitrified, retinol serum or cream and applying it before and after you drink will subdue the effects.

Widens Blood Vessels: This brings blood to the face causing redness, discoloration, uneven skin-tone such as puffiness or swelling.

Counter: Nutrient-rich serum or cream before drinking containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin Dehydration: In-directly, alcohol can cause the skin to dehydrate and lose suppleness while increasing dryer skin. This can result in severe issues in dry environments causing redness and irritation or skin blotches.

Counter: Drink water in between drinks while using a natural moisturizer.

As a vice, alcohol can present beneficial results when consumed properly without its abuse. Many internal issues can arise when consumed in over excess so it is best to keep a good understanding of the vices and keep a healthy balance to enjoy success.

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