The Brand

GOA skincare for men demonstrates the use of current botanical technology, fine living, style, and vanity; where an investment in oneself is seen as a sign of respect to themselves and for those around them. From German engineered grooming hardware to avant-garde skincare from California, the products are specialized to eliminate the signs of age that are caused by the vices.

Welcome to the world’s first anti-vice skincare and grooming brand.

 Summer, 2015.  -  GOA Skincare launches a luxury lifestyle, anti-vice collection. Skincare is now for fine living, a lifestyle for men who want to obtain the knowledge of self-preservation and accentuate their modalities and inner-eccentricity. With the use of rapid-result complexes and easy to follow routines GOA has the pleasure of creating high-concentrates to bring men and their women a dedicated skincare line that is formulated to eliminate the signs of age that are caused by the vices. These vices include excess sun exposure, the drink, smoke, excess fatigue from sports, work, etc.

Founder and Creator Rodrigo Diaz

Mexican-born Canadian Rodrigo Diaz, studied biochemistry at Queen’s University, later studying fashion design at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. Diaz later worked with major brands like Max Mara and Christian Dior as a senior accessory designer then moved to India to lead Dior’s design team and production. Diaz was then intrigued by India’s skincare rituals and personal connection which led him to create GOA.

The Brand and Lifestyle

GOA skincare envelops a Victorian-esque feel paired with a rock and roll lifestyle. The “vanity for the alter ego” presents a release from social constraints, promoting a man’s ability become his ultimate self. It is the alter-ego that GOA educates to mirror the daily life of its clients, yet more dangerous, provocative and eccentric. We want our clients to keep their lifestyle while looking their best. This means that I must push the limits in creating more effective and result-driven ingredients. 
- Rodrigo Diaz, Founder & Creative Director


The Products

As GOA lives on the border of its clients’ psyche it also creates biochemical artistries that use avant-garde ingredients such as muscle inhibitors, viper snake proteins, dark Phyto-matter and tetrapeptide complexes to trick the skin into believing that it is aging faster in order for the body to react and produce younger skin cells.

i) High grade, Dark-PHYTO technology (concentrated plant cells) ingredients (Cargo)ii) No dilution in water (0% water) for higher concentrations

ii) No dilution in water (0% water) for higher concentrations

iii) High efficacy botanical delivery systems through skin

iv) Organic Ingredients

 What GOA is Cooking

In the next 3 months, GOA will be specializing in personalized men’s and women’s skincare; where questions about their lifestyle will result in skincare and grooming concentrations specifically for them. GOA`s end result will be determined by a patented algorithm which will decide the concentrations and ingredients needed to produce the maximum result. 

Products Launched: Collagen+Control Facial Serum, $90, a-cell under eye boost, $42, Regenerative face cream, $65 (coming soon). Firming shaving cream, $38, Imperial-100 DES razor, $112, 130C-Humidor Imperial Collection Set, $654.

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