Meet Rodrigo Diaz

Mexican born artist and entrepreneur, Rodrigo Diaz brings to market a new style of skin care and hair care that sets the bar for results-driven performance products. GOA Skincare brings together science, ancient traditions and a fashion forward lifestyle to form a 100% natural, holistic beauty brand.

With a degree in Biochemistry and masters in Fashion Design, Diaz began his formal training at prestigious fashion houses such as Max Mara and Christian Dior. Through extensive research and a love for design Rodrigo Diaz Accessories was born, producing luxurious leather goods and handbags that sold in Paris, Dubai and Milan. The fashion industry saw a new take on luxury by the melange of contemporary design with neo-baroque and neo-rococo style detailing on handbags and belts. Each piece in the Rodrigo Diaz collection was treated as an architectural composition, and these designs manifested themselves into a contemporary style that depicted a strong brand image that now sits at the forefront of GOA Skincare.

Soon after creating his accessories collection, Rodrigo travelled through India and became intrigued by the beauty and exoticism of its prominent culture and ideals. After studying the royal family’s history he found extravagant, holistic beauty rituals that fused into the idea that has become the foundation for Goa.

Today, Goa Skincare incorporates ancient skin and hair treatments, aromatherapy and new technology to fortify and enhance the effect of its serums and lotions by hydrolyzing polypeptides without rendering them inactive. Through Goa Skincare, Rodrigo Diaz takes natural skin care to an unsurpassed level, delivering skin-enriching benefits to create a healthy, radiant complexion. All Goa products deliver deep hydration, ensuring an optimal look of healthy, vibrant, rejuvenated skin. 

"My passion is to bring about the maximum quality in health, mind and exotic lifestyle. It is a sensuous beauty that I am mean to bring out in all. To do this I have combined aromatherapy with potent ingredients combined in a manner that have not been combined since the ancient times of the Maharajahs in India.
The products feature potent ingredients beyond those of industry standards. Each combination supports the cumulative serum to reduce problematic areas such as irritation due to the sun, signs of aging to depression or lethargy.
These serums were kept secret for centuries. And now, from the Royalty of India, I present to you: GOA Skincare.
GOA maintains a holistic principle whereby the product accounts for part of the GOA lifestyle. Exotic to the end, our goal is to bring the opulence of youth to our client. Not only in body but in mind as well.”
Rodrigo Diaz, Founder, Creative Director.