Manufacturing + Ingredients

Manufacturing GOA Skincare
GOA Skincare LLC. manufactures in California, USA, where its skin and grooming solutions are controlled under strict, high-qualitative policies. Our natural, organic ingredients and high actives such as our stem cell cultures, personalized amino acid infusions, and neuro-complexes hold a higher standard of sterile growth, control, and processing. GOA Skincare LLC. has worked to develop a series of products to target issues arising specifically from excess habit. Below are a few manufacturing practices that maintain our elevated standards in organic, dermatological processes. 

* Paraben Free

* Free of Animal origin ingredients and not tested on animals 

* No Genetically modified ingredients 

* No Toxic or harmful ingredients 

* No Synthetic color 

* No Synthetic perfume / fragrance 

* Low emission testing (green manufacturing)

* No Synthetic emollients 

* No Synthetic oil & fats 

* No Synthetic silicone 

* Petrolatum-Free ingredients 

* Free of Nitrosamines 

* No Sulfates (sles, sls) 

**For list and origins of ingredients, please view product list located on detailed product pages**
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