GOA Press Release

Winter 2012, A new exoticism begins to push a fresh concept into the world of skincare. Founded by passion to create a product that opens into a new style of skin care and hair care, the GOA Skincare brand enthusiastically aspires to give its client a symbolic, holistic and energetic lifestyle. Fuelled by international travel, GOA’s own untamed men and women and deep exotic ingredients from India, the brand strives to bring the world luxurious, 100% natural and organic products. These eclectic marriages of ingredients are the same ancient recipes from India that were used by the Maharajahs and are now brought back to the modern world in a new luxury.

The skin as we all know is the largest organ in the human body. Affected by our external environment,  our nervous system and our internal organs there are many implications that can cause premature aging. These could be caused by pollutants, stress, organ infection or disease. For these reasons GOA skincare has based its fundamental principles to enhance and maintain the human body.


GOA skincare is designed to bring purity and effectiveness back into skincare. GOA  targets three main principles.


The Skin.

A relentless yet fragile organ that not only provides us with our physical beauty but protects our system as a whole from the environment.  GOA uses a hydrolyzed botanical protein serum base, CO2 extracted botanics and essential oils to enhance and protect the skin.


The Mind.

The power source, stimulating each movement via the nervous system which connects our entire body. From skin on the tips of your fingers to hair follicles, this must be maintained healthy and free of stress to reduce infection and premature aging.

GOA`s aroma-therapeutic products affect the lymbic system to provide ample ease for issues such as stress, nervousness or  fatigue using our fine tuned essential oil combinations.


The Body.

Our muscles, fuilds and internal organs hold what we apply on our skin and over time can cause abnormalities if we choose to use toxic ingredients. GOA`s 100% natural and organic  formulas are devoid of any toxic material that could cause harm for the skin or body.


GOA  has reconstructed India`s ancient traditions under Royal preparation techniques and blending. This is fused with modern, qualitative step to ensure a luxury product.