Stress and Skin: Cause and Effects

Stress and Skin: Cause and Effects

Stress is a major cause of rapid-aging and adult acne as it induces chemical reactions that lead to more reactive and sensitive skin; cortisol and other hormones released in the body affect skin-healing mechanisms, making it even harder to repair dry or aging skin.


Biochemical reactions in your body (Adrenal Cortex and Medulla) release hormones that negatively impact the skin in multiple ways:

Adult Acne - The prevalence of acne increases with oilier skin from stress.

Degenerates Collagen - Decreases collagen synthesis, leading to stress lines.

Puffy Skin - Constricts blood vessels and induces inflammation

Lowers Regeneration of New Skin - Reduces cellular regeneration by blocking pathways

Overall Skin Health Decrease - Reduces the skin's and the body's immune response.

Ultimately, these effects cause rapid aging in adults - As the skin is more exposed, there is an increased loss of elasticity and a major decrease in the skin's ability to regenerate.


Under stress, the cortisol hormone is released and affects the body and skin. GOA's proprietary organic ingredients combat the appearance of damage and reduce the effects of aging caused by stress. Anti-Vice ingredients control the skin defenses, leading to the effective protection of the skin under stress.


Throughout the path for success, men have dealt with stress in different ways. Recovering from skin issues arising from stress using natural tools is now possible. GOA has created organic solutions to handle the battles with stress and renew the skin's natural, youthful appearance.

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