From when I first began shaving, it was a constant hassle. Pretty lame plastic razors from bic or gilette. Don't get me wrong, Gilette is a fantastic company yet they began a revolution to discontinue an incredible routine. I first took a look into refreshing our grooming line a few months ago while waltzing around NYC. Incredible salons and boutiques that have renovated the old barber shop style. Apothecary jars on one side and beautifully integrated chairs to the mosaic floor. 

What really inspired me was understanding that this style was coming back in a big way not only at trendy barbershops in NYC but in the home as well. Double edge safety razors and straight blades along with shaving brushes are going to be making a large impact on the grooming industry in the United States and Canada in the next couple years. This is due to a few problems facing customers with their current shaving tools. 

COST. Whether purchasing a 1.00 BIC or a 25 dollar Gilette razor, the cost over a year is a bit concerning. below are a few figures you should mentally shelve away before going into the pharmacy to restock for the summer. 

Even if it costs 0.33 cents to $1.75, disposable razors are both a nuisance to shave with and more expensive than the rest while the DE (Double edge) and Straight Razor cost you a dinner plate per year. Although they can go for $30-$125 they last a lifetime. 

THE BURN. I don't even have to explain what terrible torture we put our face through when using cartridge or disposable razors. Other than incorrect pressure, those blades are incredibly cheap to manufacture and break easily.


STRESS FREE. It's simple. It's focus. Using a DE or Straight razors take a little longer to maneuver with more focus on what you're doing. This concentration over 3 minutes causes you to think of nothing but shaving. Mind over body. It's relaxing and you feel like you've gone to a man spa.


INGROWNIOUS. Imagine a world without ingrown hairs? Yes, and it exists. A DE and straight blade not only eliminate ingrown hairs but shave only what it's supposed to. Your hair. Cartridge razors pull your skin and destroy the first layer of skin which causes the hair to grow unnaturally.



So I have designed a pretty majestic item launching next week. Most of the DE Razors out there looked like they where from 1920 so designing a handle that brings in a modern twist, prestige and ergonomics was imperative. I also called upon the leading country in manufacturing precision tools. Germany's excellence in both in engineering and manufacturing is renowned. From luxurious automobiles to the development of mechatronics, Germany's innovative path to creating the world's finest precision tools give it the prestige it deserves. And now for the Razor.







Grooming goes luxury

She's a beauty. Made in Solingen, Germany, this 10 cm handle is a fully injected stainless steel tool with ergonomic bends at the top and bottom. A double piece, chrome-plated head with closed comb for fine shaving includes 10 stainless steel, teflon coated razor-blades with a disposable blade box. How have I not been shaving with something like this?






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