GOA Legacy Card Terms and Conditions

GOA Legacy cards (The Cards) are redeemable for merchandise at www.goacosmetics.com in the United States and Canada (if purchased on or after November 19th, 2013). Orders placed on goacosmetics.com are limited to the 50 United States and District of Columbia and all provinces within Canada.

The Cards can be purchased at goacosmetics.com and are sent electronically via email to purchaser . Cards purchased for international persons are subject to international shipping rates where the Card has run out of funds.


How to use your Card

Enter your email IF you would like to send the Card yourself to the recipient OR enter the email to send it via GOA Skincare to the recipient. Do not worry they will know it was from you.

After handling your billing business, go to the next section. This is where the recipient will add there Legacy Card number and we will send this info on how to manage their card in the DISCOUNT section. The purchaser does not fill this out. Only the person receiving the Card.


The order total includes the price of product(s), sales tax (if applicable), and shipping charges. If the order total is more than the gift card amount, the remaining balance must be paid for by credit/debit card, PayPal account, product voucher or additional gift card(s) by the receiver.

The gift card balance will immediately be reduced. The credit/debit card or PayPal account will not be charged until items are shipped.

Upon redemption, any unused balance on the gift card will be carried over for future purchases. Balances cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, except where required by applicable law.

GOA Legacy cards do not expire.

The Cards may not be refunded or cancelled after purchase.

If you return product originally purchased with a gift card, any refund will be returned to the original gift card.

If you return product originally purchased with multiple gift cards, the total dollar value will be returned to the most recent purchased gift card. Return policies apply.

If you return product originally purchased with multiple methods of payment, any balance owed will first be applied to the credit/debit card or PayPal account, up to the original amount charged, and then to the gift card.

Lost or stolen gift cards
Gift cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen without proper proof of purchase. Treat them like cash.

GOA Skincare reserves the right to refuse, cancel or hold for review gift cards and orders for suspected fraud, for cards mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination, or for other violations of gift card policies.