Anti-Vice Shave Set Pack

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Anti-Vice Shave Set Pack

$87 USD
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The Anti-Vice Shave Set delivers unparalleled results in detoxifying, shaving and protecting the skin from the adverse effects of excess habits. Using organic, all natural ingredients, GOA's 3 step routine was created to bring you the perfect shaving experience.


Reduces effects from:

  • Stress - 55% of users that deal with high amounts of stress saw a reduction in adult acne and oil over-production.
  • Fatigue - 72% of users said that they looked less tired.
  • Travel - 71% of users said they saw a decrease in dry skin and travel related skin issues.
  • Alcohol - 69% of users saw a reduction in redness and inflammation caused by alcohol over-consumption.
  • Smoking - 74% of users saw a decrease in dry and peeling skin from smoke related skin issues.
  • Ingrown Hairs - 90% of users said that it reduced ingrown hairs
  • Shaving Experience - 97% of users found to have a much better experience than their previous shaving ritual.

    1. Purifying Face Cleanser - Perfect as a pre-shave cleanse to eliminate dirt or bacteria from entering the skin when shaving. Reduces acne, pore size and purifies the skin using Dark Phyto-Matter and organic, anti-inflammatory extracts. 

    2. Firming Shave Cream - Ultimate prep cream for a wet or dry shave, providing a finer lather, hydration, and anti-aging capabilities.

    3. Hyper-Conditioning Beard Oil - Can be used with the firming shave cream. A premium blend of organic oils and powerful extracts to provide a well-balanced smoothness and protection for the skin and hair. 


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    Storage: For best results, store in your refrigerator at 37°F - 42°F (2.7°C - 5.5°C), otherwise store in cool and dry place. Keep product out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.


    1. Regenerative Face Cleanser. 

    Best Used: During or after a shower. Can be used at any time of day.

    Directions: Use this cleanser prior to applying any other facial product. Dampen face with water  Use 3 to 4 pumps. Lather and apply in a circular motion for 60 seconds. Rinse with cold water.  


    2. The Shave Cream. 

    When to use: Best used after a shower and/or after cleansing your face with our Regenerative Face Cleanser. For extra conditioning, mix with our Hyper-Conditioning Beard Oil.

    Directions: Lather 4 to 5 pumps on clean skin with badger brush or bare hands. Wait 30 seconds for absorption to occur. Shave calmly. Remove excess lather with a warm, damp towel.


    3. Beard Oil:

    Best used: After a shower or steam and properly cleansing the facial area. Can also be used during the day if the beard is dry.

    Directions: Press the pump once and apply the oil on the palm of one hand. On a dry beard, spread the oil on the other hand and massage into the beard in the opposite direction of the hair. Use a comb to spread the oil and then shape the beard in a desired volume or form.

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