Why Massage Your Undereye?
Unlock Lymphatic Efficiency

by Rodrigo Diaz
Aug 22, 2023

Your eyes are the focal point of your expression, and ensuring their optimal appearance is paramount. Through a series of precisely designed steps, this guide will teach you the premier techniques to boost lymphatic drainage under the eyes.

Section 1: Lymphatic Science
The Lymphatic Pathway

Understanding the pathway of lymphatic flow in the facial region is crucial. By following the natural direction of lymph, these methods maximize drainage, reducing puffiness and enhancing vitality.

Section 2: The Techniques
Step 1: Initiating Flow - The Inner Corner
Begin at the inner corner of the eye, using the pad of your ring finger. With a delicate upward motion, initiate the lymphatic flow. Repeat 10 times. This first step primes the area for enhanced drainage.

Step 2: Fluid Path - The Undereye Glide

With a gentle, consistent pressure, glide your finger or massage tool from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, following the eye's natural curve. Repeat 10 times. This controlled motion ensures that lymphatic fluid follows its natural pathway.

Step 3: Final Drainage - The Downward Slide

Finally, continue the motion from the outer corner of the eye down toward the ear, then along the side of the neck. This ensures that the lymphatic fluid continues its pathway toward natural drainage points. Repeat 5 times.

Bonus: Cool Compress

Finish with a cool compress, such as a chilled teaspoon or specialized eye mask, to tighten the skin and close the pores. This step not only feels invigorating but also adds a final touch to the massage, sealing in the effects.


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