Post-Shower is the best time to shave as the heat and steam will open up pores and leave your facial hair standing upright. An important step that men (and women) usually miss before a shave is to cleanse or detox the skin. Use GOA's Facial Detox Cleanser. This is necessary as dirt and toxins from the previous evening/ day can accumulate within the skin. Any nicks or cuts will result in lower healing times or infection.  



First view in what direction your bread or Ruffian prickly hair is growing in and lather on the shaving cream. To lather, place a generous amount (filling the center palm of your hand) in a lather mug, tip of a badger brush or palm of your hand and, with a swirling motion, create some lather adding a small amount of water (less than half the amount of the cream). If you use a cream that doesn't lather that is ok too. I find it helps to apply shaving cream with a badger brush as it brushes your facial hair and places more cream in between each strand of hair. Once you have applied on the cream/lather, let it set for at least 30-60 seconds to let the cream soften the hair and skin. This will also allow nutrients, special properties and other active ingredients to take effect (If they have them at all). Note: Always know what you are putting on your face



No dicing here. Unscrew the Imperial-100 D.E.S Razor using the index and thumb on the sides of the head piece and insert the blade doing the same. ALWAYS TOUCH THE SIDES OF THE HEAD PIECE AND BLADE. Shave in a 30-45 degree angle and in the direction of hair growth in short strokes. Release any hair and cream that is left on the razor by running it under hot water and opening the razor slightly. Tighten it back and continue to shave. Do not press or add any pressure to your shaving technique. There is a reason why the razor is heavy. Use this weight to shave. Also take note of the edges and curves of your face. A 30 degree angle must be made to suit each curve point. 



With a cold, damp towel, wipe the excess lather from your face and apply after shave or a firming facial serum to protect your skin from the rest of the day. 



There is a movement by the Samurai called Chiburi that can quickly remove the blood from a blade. Sorry, no Chiburi here. Ritualistically open your blade and clean it by hand. Remember; To be one step closer to your Alter Ego, one must first keep their razor clean. 



If a 119 gram, stainless steel injected, ergonomic handle and double edge surgical blade wont tickle your fancy, we're not sure what will. GOA skincare has paired with luxury shaving co. Giesen & Forsthoff in Germany to produce the Imperial 100 DES Razor. Heavier than most, a higher precision, balance, and all around bad-ass razor.

If that is not wild enough for you, we have introduced a 100% pure Badger Brush manufactured in Germany. Soft but not too soft, reduces bacteria, it lifts hair and gets cream/lather to 100% of your face.