Storage: For best results, store at room temperature: 22°C - 25°C, otherwise store in cool and dry place. Keep product out of direct sunlight and high (may separate) or low (may freeze) temperatures.

When to use: After properly cleansing your face. 

Directions: Best used three (3) times, weekly after a shower or steam room; after properly cleansing the facial area using GOA‘s Purifying Face Cleanser. Usage can increase with oilier skin-types (up to 1X daily use).

1. Pour 5ml in the palm of hand and lather with other hand.
2. Gently, and in a circular motion, scrub the skin for 15 seconds.
3. Exclude the area around the eye and keep eyes closed during scrubbing.
4. Rinse and pat dry with the provided microfiber towel.