How To Preserve Your Products
Scientific strategies for keeping the results of your products

by Rodrigo Diaz
Aug 15, 2023

Part I: Vulnerabilities Unveiled

The Breakdown That Costs You: It's not just about the wear and tear on the outside; the decay of active ingredients within can render your skincare regimen futile. From oxygen exposure to UV degradation, there's a science to keeping things intact.

Microbial Invasion: Here's the ugly truth: your favorite skincare product could be swarming with invisible invaders cared for properly. Not just a risk to the product's efficiency, but to your skin's health as well. A streamlined strategy is more than essential; it's your product's lifeline.

Part II: Storage Mastery

Optimal Temperature: A Lab Technician’s Guide:

Room Temperature: Store cleansers and most creams at 68°F - 77°F to maintain their molecular integrity.

Refrigeration: Serums with Vitamin C? 36°F - 46°F is where they thrive.

Extremes? Just No: Keep products away from overheating or freezing. It's the skincare equivalent of a mechanical breakdown.

Urban Survival Kit: Living in the Metropolis? Your skincare products face unique challenges such as pollution-driven oxidative (oxyda ion) stress and humidity. Adapt your storage strategies by using airtight containers and keeping products away from direct sunlight, ensuring the potency and effectiveness tailored to your urban environment.

Part III: Hygiene and Contamination Control

Practical Decontamination Steps:

Wash hands or Hands Off: Use spatulas or spoons if needed. They're not just utensils; they're your first line of defense.

Seal the Deal: A loosely closed cap (if it has one) is an open invitation to microbial mayhem. Close it right, keep it tight.

Clean Exteriors, Pure Interiors: Regular alcohol-wipe downs aren't just for clinics; they're for your bathroom shelf. Doing this also makes the bottl look great at all times.

Water: The Silent Infiltrator: It's vital for life but life is the last thing you need coming out of your product. Keep it out, keep things microbe-free.

Essentials Set: Your Tactical Approach

Meet the Essentials Set: The 3-product ensemble designed to battle environmental threats head-on. From detoxifying with the Purifying Face Cleanser to structural defense with Collagen + Control Facial Serum, it's your regimen redesigned. Finally, shield up with the Regenerative Face Cream. It's not skincare; it's a tactical health solution.

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