Cleansing and exfoliating your skin eliminates toxins deep with in your epidermis (top layer) which is prone to nasty pollutants and other toxic particles that can greatly increase aging giving you a dry, brittle and dull visual. Not a great party chat. That elastic hide you've got there, holding your muscles together, is the only barrier between your insides and a pretty rough environment. Let's try to keep it young for as long as you can.
A good cleanser will be packed with high grade extracts and essential oils to both remove any unwanted oil and toxins from the upper layer of the skin and not leave your face dry. Apply a bit of warm water to your face to open up your pores and then add a small amount onto the palm of your hands to work up a lather. Work the lather on your face and let it sit for a minute. It is crazy important to leave to on for a minute. Massage your face, clean your mirror, do something to pass the minute. Rinse with cool water.
It's simple and effective. Your skin still needs to detoxify from the deep layers of the skin. If pollutants remain in the deep layer of skin, it will become drier and age much faster. A good exfoliant will take a large portion of dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin so that you can produce new ones, reducing the amount of time it takes for new cell growth. 
To apply, scoop about two fingers full of exfoliating mud and gently rub you skin in a smooth circular motion. Let it sit for the mud to do it's dirty (clean) work. I suggest a good 2 minutes for a rushed morning/evening and 7 minutes for a complete detox. The mud here will turn solid grey and have a tingling feeling. Rinse well with cold water and pat dry.
Exactly that. Your bathroom is your sanctum. Keep it tip top. Another step closer to your Alter Ego.



GOA Skincare has developed the India Gold facial detox cleanser to not only cleanse the skin using refined extracts like Hamamelis from India but also includes antioxidants and hydrolyzed cotton seed proteins to give you a younger, fresher looking face.

Our Detox Collection includes a limited quantity of India Gold's Facial Detox Exfoliant with Volcanic sediment from the Thar Desert in Ragasthan, India. Infused with ancient, aroma-therapeutic essential oils like Niaouli and Cypress to open the circulatory system a little more for increased oxygen to your facial skin. This allows for a complete detox and dead skin cell release.