Anti-Vice Face Set

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  • Anti-Vice Face Set

Anti-Vice Face Set

$152 USD
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Includes GOA's Travel Tube, Collagen+Control Face Serum, Anti-Fatigue Undereye Boost Serum, and Regenerative Face Cream.

Dermatologically tested and without dilution in water, the Anti-Vice Face Set is an organic, award-winning solution which uses GOA's proprietary delivery system, Dark Phyto-Matter, to battle the effects of daily, hectic life.

Reduces effects from:

  • Stress - 74% of users that deal with high amounts of stress saw a reduction in adult acne and oil over-production.
  • Fatigue - 82% of users said that they looked less tired.
  • Travel - 88% of users said they saw a decrease in dry skin and travel related skin issues.
  • Alcohol - 79% of users saw a reduction in redness and inflammation caused by alcohol over-consumption.
  • Smoking - 85% of users saw a decrease in dry and peeling skin from smoke related skin issues.
  • Excess sun exposure - 59% of users found that their skin looked less dry and damaged from UVA/UVB-related exposure.

Infused with botanical stem cells, antioxidants, age-reversing complexes, and skin cell-regenerating ingredients, the Anti-Vice face Set provides proprietary formulations to reduce effects of vices on facial skin.

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Storage: For best results, store in your refrigerator at 37°F - 42°F (2.7°C - 5.5°C), otherwise store in cool and dry place. Keep product out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.


1. The Undereye Boost.

When to use: After properly cleansing and exfoliating your face.

Directions:  Apply on clean skin before using a facial serum and moisturizer. Gently apply a 1/4 pump under each eye in a dabbing motion until the serum is fully absorbed.


2. The Facial Serum.

When to use: To be used after properly cleansing your face using the Regenerative Face Cleanser or after a shave. Note: This can be used as an after shave to close pores and firm the skin.

Directions: Apply on clean skin before using a moisturizer. Use one to two pumps. Smooth in gently on the face and neck. Exclude the under eye area if using GOA’s Undereye Boost Serum.

3. Regenerative Face Cream. 

When to use: After properly cleansing, exfoliating your face and serum application. Can be used after a shave. For dryer skin types use twice daily.

Directions: Apply on clean skin following application of a facial serum. Smooth a pea-sized amount on the face and neck in a circular motion. Use as a daily or nightly cream. 

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