Sunday-Funday Recovery

Sunday-Funday Recovery

Light peers through the small opening from the window as your eyes open; alarm goes off and the last thing you want to do is begin the day. Recovery needs to be fast as brunch is only an hour away. Below are 5 things you can do to look like you went to a spa the night before. 

1. Rehydrate Fast - Electrolight delight

The old fashions from last night pulled all the water from your brain. Hydrate quickly by adding 1 lemon and salt (pinch) to your 1 liter of water. 

2. Skip the morning coffee and order an espresso

Short caffeine blasts are better for your head to recover from dehydration.

3. Quick toast and butter

Get a little bit of ketone food and carbs in you. It's energy for both your skin and insides. 

4. Body-waker

15 pushups x 3 before hopping in a 30-second cold shower.

5. Anti-fatigue and anti-stress products for your skin

Eliminate those damages from alcohol, lack of sleep and pollution from last night with Anti-Vice ingredients like Dark Phyto Matter 


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