Skincare is not about Innovation

Taking a step back and watching new companies emerge with fantasies about innovative miracles basically mimicking the same products already in stores, there is no wonder why the industry has only grown 2% since last year.

The true battle lies in "how fast" this new innovation works. Immediate results are the key to bringing new companies (and old ones) to the precipice of grandeur and keep customers engaged while expanding into new demographics. To have these results, clients have to use the product efficiently and on a daily/nightly cycle; this is why it is not about innovation, but innovative education.  


"Innovate engagement while keeping grit to yourself"


Why bore people with what kind of mechanics you use on a Space X rocket when you can tell them where and why it's going into space? So unless there is a die-hard reason into the madness, then divulging more information is only counter productive. People want to hear results, when to use, how to use and why the brand should take up space next to the sink. The world is made of constant innovation but what really drives for more innovation is the response and acceptance of it in daily life. Education through design and new technologies to open into untapped demographics will be the forefront of growth within skincare for both men and women. 


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