How does "Psycho-Dermatology" affect you?

Skin and nervous system arise from a common embryological origin. This may be the reason by which the skin gives an account of our mental and emotional state through infections and injuries. This is illustrated by the fact that up to 33% of dermatologic patients in the US have continued psychiatric disorders or dysfunctional psychosocial issues.

The importance of skin in the psychic function is rooted in it being an organ of communication and expression of emotion, a role assumed from the first moments of life. The skin is the organ of “attachment” because the initial physical experiences in the newborn are mainly touch. These early (and first) experiences of interaction with the mother, established through the skin, are essential to achieve the proper organic and psycho-emotional development of the individual. Since the skin is the most accessible part of the human body, it is not uncommon for many people to express through the skin, aggressive, anxious or self-destructive nature impulses, thereby causing dermatological symptoms.

On the other hand, people with dermatological diseases involving self-image (severe acne, psoriasis) may feel depressed, embarrassed or anxious as a result of their skin issue. This is why new developments in skin solutions can reduce effects caused by emotional stresses by soothing and significantly targeting the cause of hormonal imbalance. Dark Phyto-Matter, an ingredient that contains retinoids and a high concentration of antioxidants blocks certain causes of skin issues from psychodermatological distress. By heating the skin, Dark Phyto-Matter opens pores and absorbs large protective complexes to limit the effects of such a hormonal imbalance.

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