Hacking the Vices: Reducing effects of Alcohol on the Skin

Whether undecidedly having the bottle of red wine or participating in an unexpected unbirthday, diminishing skin damages from moderate to heavy drinking just became a reality. How does it work?

Antioxidant Bounce-Back

As a vasodilator, ethanol relaxes capillaries, making them apparent on the skin (causing slight redness). Coupled with depleting Vitamin A, it is difficult for the skin to hold up on anti-oxidants which fight off age signs (fatigue or stress lines). Introducing your skin to a concentration of vitamin A derivatives such as retinol and other antioxidants like vitamin C, would topically replenish the necessary power and restore the skin's elasticity, exing-out any signs of fatigue or stress. 

Recommendation: Award winning Collagen + Control Face Serum, $55 & Undereye Anti-fatigue Serum, $42.


Diminish Xerosis (Dry Skin)

Lowering Vitamin A levels as well as inhibiting vasopressin which mediates rehydration, the skin becomes depleted of H2O and follicles become rougher (chance of larger pores). This obviously happens at the level at which one is consuming alcohol. To counter, a non-oily serum or cream which includes moisture holding complexes is required. Hyaluronic Acid is used as a non-oily moisturizer which can hold in 1000x its molecular weight. The effect is immediate and long term.

Recommendation: Regenerative Face Cream, $65.


Break away from Sugars and Salts

Adding sugar and salt to a cocktail builds and overproduction of the skin’s natural oil coupled with slight inflammation. Although the taste definitely overpowers the effects, it can conjoin with dirt, bacteria or more alcohol when enjoying a champagne spray fight. The morning begins and after a shower, include some AHA’s (Alpha hydroxyl-Acids) like glycolic acid and a few tetrapeptides (3,5,7) to regulate the skin’s ability to function  properly again. The cycle begins the next weekend.

Recommendation: Regenerative Face Cream, $65.

Anti-vice Solutions

GOA Skincare does not support alcohol abuse which affects many families and individuals around the world. It must be realized that alcohol consumption can be used to benefit the mind and body when used in moderation. GOA’s Anti-Vice Solutions were created to build an awareness of one's vices so that in its realization, one may be able to control its effects and moderate usage.



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