Be Mentally Strong before you Hit the Gym

Be Mentally Strong before you Hit the Gym

When you get mentally stronger, you get physically stronger. Try looking your best before hitting the gym and find that not only will you feel good, but reduce injury and increase muscle recovery.

Gym-timidation is a real thing. Although sounding like a gimmik intimidation can lower energy and lower concentration resulting in not performing the correct motions or hitting the desired goal for that day. A good way to focus is to raise that music volume and focus by blind spotting everyone around you. 

" About 90% of the people showing up at the gym are wearing earphones already," says one trainer at Equinox in Santa Monica, CA "A slight nod when passing me by as they head straight to the weights."

Before work, a quick pre-workout skin routine can also boost self-esteem and rapidly depuff and lower the groggy, sleepy look. This can be a quick absorbing serum or a fast action gel under the eye and promote a feel-good environment while at the gym. 


Tip: Research your skin solutions and look for Dark Phyto-Matter to increase absorption and antioxidants in your routine. 


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