Beard Oil Renaissance

Beard Oil Renaissance

Beard oils have been on the block for a while and with new anticipations of better, more reliable products, the bearded are now educated on what they need. But what makes a beard oil a go-to acquisition? Lifestyle, scent, consistency, absorption and effectiveness. At least these are the main properties of a well-balanced oil. Of course, we can look at effectiveness and multi-functionality to prove it premium. Yet, what needs to pop from the mundane is clear effects and a run for the competition's money. So if in the search for a beard oil above any other, it is clear that the oil must function from the skin to the tip of each hair strand. 

In light of Movember, GOA Skincare welcomes its Hyper-conditioning Beard Oil; A top contender in the premium beard oil space. Reforming effectiveness, it restores brittle and damaged hair, focusing its core functionality on eliminating the effects of excess habits like alcohol, cigar smoke, frequent sun exposure, etc. An anti-UV oil prevents future damages while acting on the skin to provide antioxidants and ultra-hydration, attacking hidden dangers which can occur under the beard. 

To summarize its effects:

  1. Restores and strengthens damaged hair
  2. Hydration of the skin with no residue or oily feel
  3. Blemish control - skin
  4. Protects hair and skin from UV radiation
  5. Increased conditioning oil adding anti-aging properties
  6. Anti-vice product: Eliminates smoking or sun damage

 A pre to post shaving oil. The Hyper-Conditioning oil also softens thick hair to engage a smooth shave, maximizing efficiency and eliminating razor burn. Created with repairing complexes, antioxidants, and the world’s finest conditioning oils, GOA’s premium beard oil brings new functionality and effectiveness to hair and shaving oils.

This product can be found at Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica, California.



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