Control your skin

Without a doubt, the modern man has been taking a little more care of their appearance. Style and grooming in particularly have seen a steady increase over the last decade, yet, facial skin care is still kept very low-key. What needs to be understood is different when it comes to men.  Women see problems in their skin, but most men do not see the importace. From childhood, they are raised to groom their hair and perhaps cleanse. For most men, facial care is not introduced until they are already adults, and often as a problem-solution type of product. Part of the process in cracking the code is seamless integration with a man's lifestyle. What breaks and makes the modern man? A control over their vices and a control over the effects of the vices which can change the facial skin (2-5 years) even over the events of the day or evening. 
Protecting and eliminating the effects can seriously determine the outcome of the evening or the morning M&A takeover at the office. It is for the movers and shakers which need to pay particular attention to their facial skin while keeping their important lifestyle habits. How to quickly eliminate the effects of the vices without having to spend a week in a rehab spa (which does not actually sound that bad)?
Vice: Excess fatigue
Effect: Tired Eyes
Control: Detox facial Mask, Cold Eye Gel before and after the evening festivities. 
Vice: The Alcohol Drink
Effect: Puffiness, discoloration, expression line development 
Control: Water between drinks, Cleanse face, Facial Serum before and before sleep, Drink more water.
Vice: The Smoke
Effect: Expression line development, Uneven skin texture, Odour
Control: Facial Serum, Facial regenerating cream post smoke. Warm, damp towel on face for 5 minute before sleep and cleanse face, serum.


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