Much ado about Collagen

A brand new day awakens as you slide into the floor and pour yourself some lavazza cafe arabica. Sip sip, ooh ya. Half awake you bring yourself into the shower and contemplate about yesterday. The job has gone wreck-loose and the day's seem slower than usual. As you dry up you look into the mirror. Your face; A mirror image of the battles you've won and lost. Why change it? Do you really need a touch of anti-aging? 
Why it happens:
In Layman's terms Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin tight and elastic. Through age and internal/external environments, this collagen begins to degrade resulting in flimsy, wrinkled skin. 
What can be done:
Think of it this way; The tougher you get, the more you can handle during the day, the more you need to look like you did nothing all day. The conspicuous always get what they want in the long run. What this requires is the ruffian way of sticking to the man (age). Collagen accelerating + Controlling serum is what you need to get through the tough times (which is every day). These serums can be trust worthy for oilier than normal skin types and can bash through the antioxidants at the same time (check out labels before you go in and get yourself cut out of the good stuff).
What to look for:
1. Don't buy Serums with water ($40+ for water? Really.)
2. Hyaluronic Acid is your friend
3. Zero parabens and sulfates 
4. Unscented is best. (Don't compete against your Tuscan leather oud smell)
5. Vitamin C and E is necessary 
6. Serum must be in an airless pump system. (If not this greatly reduces the effect of the serum in each serving)
7. If you can, go botanical or organic. (Try the different btw chicken and organic chicken - You'll never go back)
The End
Tackle the day and attack the night. Begin your own rebellion to bring down social constrains and become the man you are meant to be. The new vanity for your alter ego.


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