The Summer of the Roughian Gent.

I wonder at what point the beard was the coolest thing since the five o'clock shadow. And now, as it seems, it has surpassed the scruff to become the ultimate bad-ass sign of masculinity. Well, I for one can definitely bare, with eagerness, the grooming and maintenance one must deal with under this cave-man syndrome.


The "Roughian Gent" is what I have decided to base our new campaign for the summer of 2014. I cannot release the full details on what GOA MAN will conjure. But none the less, it is far more interesting (speaking as a man myself) as all the other rubbish they have been throwing at you over the last few decades. The Roughian Gent (Gentleman) is set in his ways but keeps that five minutes in the bathroom for grooming.


 Yes, you know grooming: (Gru-ming; a five minute meditative state in which a man must focus on not slicing his face open with sharp objects).  Yet grooming, for a decades, has been underestimated. The missing piece of the day is what I call it. Did we loose this formidable routine just to play a couple rounds of candy crush? Does the man on the left look like he plays candy crush? Then we have come to an agreement. A simple and formidable way to focus on one thing and one thing alone, to look as good as your grandpaps.


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