The Viceroy Welcomes GOA Skincare


The eclectic Viceroy Hotel partners with GOA Skincare for the first time to bring men anti-vice skin & grooming solutions to Santa Monica. With a beach feel elegance and contemporary design sophistication, its atmosphere attracts local movers and shakers as well as international millennials. Located across from the beach and equipped with St. Tropez-styled cabanas and pools, it is far enough from the city center to enjoy the privacy and close enough to take advantage of the night life. 

GOA Skincare introduces the Viceroy Hotel with its anti-vice collection to build a community of individuals with fast-paced lifestyles who are dedicated to self-improvement. While the woes of this individual dwell on the vices so does GOA Skincare's ideologies. It uses highly active formulas to eliminate damages on the skin caused by excess habits, allowing the modern man to enjoy success and look their best doing it.

Enjoy the anti-vice face set, available at the Viceroy Hotel, $168



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