Le Drinks

Photography by Federico Janni Photography by Federico Janni

"I splash you!"

Like a Dreamworks animation character walking out into the sun-dried steam of a desert and the piercing UVA and UVB rays selling out tickets to a rave party to what was your largest organ on your body. What do you always do? Huh hum. Other than setting in a few grams of your GOA body butter, have a champagne party on the terrace next to the 25m pool, break out a few creme du glace and find out how many friends you really have.

It's been quite some time here in Guadalajara, Mexico (a month to be exact) for the GOA sales program. Sure, hustling around Spas and hotels could get intriguing now and then but damn..It's bloody hot. Last weekend we had the inauguration of a friend's newly built pool and bar. They broke out with a few Cubas (Coo-baz) - Rum, Coke and lime. And I'm just going to sit there and watch a few friends go night-club on me next to the pool deck? No no no. So like a few kids trying to make moonshine... 'what are  you doing?'

We go into the details of fine-drinking: Oh why would you care less?.

The real Pont-du-Cherie is to drink "UPPER" drinks rather than "DOWNER" drinks. You know the difference...Upper drinks; "Yeah, call the Girls! Let's go out!" Dower drinks; "Nah broe, it's fine, let's Chill." So now you know. And so we presentee a fools errand for deluxe wishes:


Summer's Wine (pun?): Like sangria but less difficult.

Summers Wine a la Carte

Summer's Wine a la Carte

1.  5 Lemons or limes with ice

2. 400ml of Sprite

3. A full bottle of Pinot Noir.




India Gold

A night time fling (post image)

1. 1/4 Vodka

2. 1/4 Orange juice

3. 1/4 Cafe with cream

4. 1/4 Triple Sec

So it is slightly packed with Cafe, but I think caffeine and alcohol could meet in the middle when taking the right precautions. And as always. It is all about moderation and drink responsibly...or call Uber.


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