A Flight to Aspen


Flying to Aspen next weekend. PsshAh. It is great that none will bare witness to the silly little hours before hand (Meaning an hour before leaving for the airport) that will undermine critical thinking.

1. Closet full of clothes

2. Aspen is a cold place

3. Must be warm

4. Add warm close to suitcase

Not exactly though. Usually what ends up in the suitcase is a frivolous entourage of shaving equipment and Jacuzzi-Gear. These are a few of my favorite things...Tralala.


Ooo Ya. The super badger lined, chrome, shaving brush by Edwin Jagger. Goes for a pretty 180USD but who does not want a frothy shaving foam hmm? Doo ya? You do. But before you go and shave off that 30,000 year old caveman beard, a pre-detox wash must occur in order to make sure you are not being attached by some microscopic bacteriosclosis from rolling around with 300 other people last night at the last SHM concert. This is why packing an India Gold detox facial cleanser from GOA par Rodrigo Diaz skincare is detrimental. 37 USD you say? It's almost criminally inexpensive.

facial cleanser

What comes next is no short of a fantastique way to close up those pores during the post shave. Are you still using After-shave balm? Shame on you. You are drying up the effects of the detox cleanser AND the pre shave balm. The best possible solution is to pop open one of these.....



....and splash it on your face. Armand de Brignac doubles for good drinking material in the Jacuzzi later-on. Also a steal for 227USD.
The best is yet to come as I retire and think of other wonderful things that should go into the Aspen case of wonder.


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