"What? do you know who I am? Come on, I'm here here every weekend. How do you not know me." Sound familiar? We have all seen Night at the Roxbury. And no, we didn't see Emilio Estevez tip his hat at us. But what we did encounter was the debonair party at the Emmy  Awards and a few others.

Sorry about the tardiness but it's been quite hectic throwing around our sales team from LA to Miami and back up to Canada to debut GOA. It has been received quite well here..Toronto, Montreal and Van city are our three main targets. Just to post a few happenings and keep up to speed with the craziness. Below we see GOA flaunting ratata at the Emmy Awards this past Sept. We had a blast...making it between the coolness of Fendi and the rigidity of the Merril Lynch cabana (which we punked - is this word even used anymore?).

Evan Handler loving the GOA crew with Music journalist, Lucas Gordon, and GOA's debutante representatives, Harminder, Bella and Madalina.

Punking Merril Lynch...swear..she is the princess of India. I'm calling security.

GOA and Vodka...maybe just a little.

Founder, Rodrigo Diaz with friend and Rock & Roll photographer Federico Janni ( and GOA's very own Madalina.

GOA will give an update of our trip to Canada this coming week.

See you next time....stay well groomed my friends.

GOA  out.


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