GOA SKINCARE. Into the World of Natural Luxury.

My eyes opened. Morning came in such a hurry that the night seemed like a dream. Sand was all I saw and the sound of waves crashing into large stones embedded by the ocean line roared through the air. A sweet scent of fruit blended with the warmth of the sun became the next new force that drove me to get up from slumber and into a fresh state of mind. My beige suit never looked so worn out by the clashing of glasses filled with champagne and the poolside fiasco that trickled into my memory little by little. I was in a small town in Goa, India. Memoirs of a misspent night? Hell no. How about nostalgic revelations. That's a little bit better. I paused as I walked back to the beach house. Wait. What is that body of cloth moving about...my god. She awoke in furry and waving arms. "Were you just going to leave me there in the sand?" She smiled. "No", I shrugged, "I was going to send you breakfast in bed."

Everything was perfect. No stress. No polluting noise. Only the sound of her voice, waves and possibly an angry search party coming our way. This is natural luxury.

GOA cosmetics embodies these moments in nostalgic revelations. Natural luxury comes not only from the ingredients and rich serums or benefits but from your experience using the products. Each serum represents a few hundred years of holistic skincare wisdom only used by a fortunately few whom knew it's potential. Blends that could entice the mind to travel also sending it to calm and excited states. A Natural Luxury that once was achieved a few times in a life time can now be experienced everyday. I sit here not speaking about the physical benefits of the serums, but of the physiological enhancements that provide GOA members the experience. As we move more and more into the essence of what a 'Natural' product should be, GOA makes the leap to add an exotic lifestyle into each blend. From a rich, deep moisture controlling body butter that includes 3 organic butters, 2 potent toning extracts and 5 rich natural oils to a protein lush, toning facial cleanser that boasts 8 organic extracts, GOA's starting line up powers through its expectations.

If you would like to know more about this pre-iconic brand and all of it holistic benefits. please click on the image below.


 Welcome to a new era of skincare.


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