Madame...your skin care is boring me..GOA?

It is no surprise to me that most are quite flexible with the thought of having an array of brands on their bathroom counter or cabinet. And why blame them, FMCGs are common to have bland branding where the imagination dwells on white backgrounds and seemingly naked women/men caressing their own faces. Why do you not care for your skincare brand? Because you are either late for your Monday morning meeting or the pink vial filled with mundane Lavender liquid is starring at you...bubbling...blubble...blubble.

My goodness; GOA gives the array of both the lifestyle and the benefits that you will only find on an expensive life insurance plan. 'Yacht away in the mist my friends as we laugh fraudulently'. All joking aside, these attainable and luxurious items will only find themselves on the top of shi-shi-fru-fru, black acrylic display counter tops such as this one.


Quite exuberant no? Well, we have only just begun...and oh the wild thing to come this year. As GOA turns the pages of new world order beauty products, we will pretend to be daft an ignorant... Rebellion I say! But only in the most elegant way.

Free anyone who reads this post and shares (only in the US...sorry Canada, Mexico and India, I still love you.)


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